Política de envío

Please allow up to 2 weeks for shipping/processing unless otherwise stated.

International orders may take up to several weeks to arrive. Arrival will depend on the area.

Please note that orders may take longer to process during high volume seasons.


Pre-Order Items
For items on pre-order, shipping/processing times will vary and may take up to 6 weeks. We recommend that customers follow us on social media for updates on pre-ordered items. 

Where is my tracking information?
Tracking information is sent automatically to your email or phone number, whichever was used to process your order.

Why is international Shipping so expensive?
We provide parcel shipping for all products with USPS which comes with tracking. USPS dictates your shipping costs and we add no extra surcharge. Please be aware of international and customs fees that you, the recipient, will have to pay extra. We cannot offer you a refund for the fees to retrieve your package. All International sales are final. 

( TIP : shipping for low weight items can be similar to shipping for heavyweight items. For example, shipping for air fresheners cost the same as the shipping for our sweaters.)

Why was my order refunded?
Refunded orders are often automatically processed due to inventory errors or Fraudulent orders.

Fraudulent orders may include different addresses for shipping and billing, multiple tries on credit cards, etc.